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Richard Russell: "Something Has To Give"

Legendary investment newsletter writer and commonly referred to as the “Godfather of newsletter writers”, Richard Russell was interviewed by The Economist magazine recently. The article discusses the current economic conditions as compared to the last half century and basically ends with the phrase “something has to give!”
Mr. Russell’s response–What is it that might give? Could it be the price of Gold? Gold could rocket higher when it is widely accepted that it is the only real and trustworthy money, money that needs no counter-party and that Gold is the only money that has no counter-party. Gold is wealth on its own. Every nation in the world can collapse and Gold will still represent unquestioned and eternal wealth.
A link to this article is provided by King World NewsLINK…
This from a man who has been at it for over 50 years and has earned high respect in the financial markets.
Stay thirsty my friends.  BK

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Gold’s on the Cusp of a Parabolic Move Up

A great article by John Embry in Investor’s Digest of Canada, voted the world’s best investment advisory.   LINK…  to pdf

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