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Feds Roll Out New Economic Package
Steven Lamb / September 30, 2010

“We are meeting the challenges of the global economic crisis head-on with Canada’s Economic Action Plan,” said Minister Flaherty. “We continue to move forward with the Plan through the Sustaining Canada’s Economic Recovery Act, which will provide real benefits for families, consumers, businesses and taxpayers.”   LINK…
It is an economic axiom and history proves, that expanding the money supply and credit to stimulate or sustain an economy results in much higher gold prices. It has happened time and time again, during the early 1900’s hyper-inflation in Germany the price of Gold went from 170 Marks to 87 TRILLION Marks in only four years. See ERSTE Group “Special Report”

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Gold "Absolutely" Still a Buy: Metal Will Double in 5 Years, Frank Holmes Says

Yahoo Finance
Posted Sep 28, 2010 12:00pm EDT by Aaron Task

“If we were to go through those 1980 [inflation-] adjusted prices, gold would be at $2300 per ounce today,” he says, calling that a “fair” target for the metal.   LINK…
GREAT Video:  Frank Holmes get’s right to the point and explains the facts from the 1970’s compared to today and that Gold is NOT even close to a bubble.   BK

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