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Raw Gold Shortage in China

Think about who owns the most USD reserves in the world and now think about 1 Billion plus Chinese citizens buying gold?
China is not taking the falling dollar sitting down.   BK

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Chis Martenson: Straight Talk With Jesse

A long time favourite site of ours Jesse’s Cafe Americain, talks with Chris Martenson.

A well connected and accomplished individual “Jesse”, gives his thoughts on the market.



An excerpt from the interview:

We now have an economy in which five banks control over 50 percent of the entire banking industry, four or five corporations own most of the mainstream media, and the top one percent of families hold a greater share of the nation’s wealth than any time since 1930. This sort of concentration of wealth and power is a classic setup for the failure of a democratic republic and the stifling of organic economic growth.   LINK…

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