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TRENDS in The Past 11 Years

Source:  Visit Zerohedge for more charts on trends.

For those that believe gold cannot possibly go to $3,000 or $10,000 USD, please consider the hyperinflation period in Germany (LINK) during the early 1900’s. Back then the German Mark was a very powerful and globally recognized currency as the U.S. Dollar is today, and you can see how printing money and/or expanding the balance sheet of a country via bailouts, stimulus, quantitative easing or whatever? It all has the same effect on commodity prices in general, especially GOLD!

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U.S. Mint says has enough gold, silver Eagles coins

By Frank Tang

Wed Dec 28, 2011 3:10pm EST

(Reuters) – The United States Mint said on Wednesday it has enough American Eagle gold and silver bullion coins to meet demand and does not expect to allocate them in early 2012.
Sales of the U.S. gold and silver bullion coins have slowed in the fourth quarter as precious metals prices retreated from record highs, bucking a trend earlier this year when investors flocked to physical gold and silver as safe havens.
“As we plan on having sufficient quantities of all coins available, we do not anticipate having to allocate the initial release,” U.S. Mint spokesman Michael White said in a note.   LINK…

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