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JM-1oz Silver Bars

Soon to be in stock, the BRAND NEW Johnson Matthey (JM) 1oz Silver bars.
These will be priced at $2.25 over spot silver. Discounts available for 500oz or more.

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The Gold "Red Carpet Theory"

Dear readers,

Many of you have expressed your concern to me about the liquidation of your gold position, and I have said, “gold is the most liquid asset in the world because it has the longest track record to perform as money, longer than ANY other currency that has ever existed.” Aside from selling it on the street in a “worst case scenario,” you can take your coins or bars to any reputable bullion dealer (Central Metals Corp.) or bank.  Never forget that you own REAL money and it’s recognized all around the world as MONEY!
I have suggested to many of you that there may come a time when you will not need to sell your gold because when you walk into a bank, they will roll out the “Red Carpet” for you because you have REAL tangible wealth and the bankers will be very anxious to give you a collateral loan on your gold.
The article I posted below supports my “Red Carpet Theory.” Imagine the housing craze times a hundred. Think of how easy bankers were giving mortgages on homes. Now think of all the effort and paperwork involved in selling a property, compared to how fast you can sell gold? It’s a no-brainer for bankers to lend you money on your gold.
If you’re interested in a highly secure and fully insured strategy on liquidating your gold or silver then please contact us for a strategy session and we’ll show you how you can implement a fully secure and tax efficient transaction for your gold and silver holdings.  BK

The big new thing in gold – capital adequacy ratios

Ross Norman looks at the implications for gold of an increased focus on the assets banks are allowed to hold as tier one capital.

Author: Ross Norman

Posted:  Tuesday , 29 May 2012 

Banking capital adequacy ratios, once the domain of banking specialists are set to become centre stage for the gold market as well as the wider economy. In response to the global banking crisis the rules are to be tightened in terms of the assets that banks must hold and this is potentially going to very much favour gold. The Basel Committee for Bank Supervision (or BCBS) as part of the BIS are arguably the highest authority in banking supervision and it is their role to define capital requirements through the forthcoming Basel III rules.

In short, they are meeting to consider making gold a Tier 1 asset for commercial banks with 100% weighting rather than a Tier 3 asset with just a 50% risk weighting as it does today. At the same time they are set to increase the amount of capital banks must set aside as well. A double win potentially.  LINK…

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