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Welcome to the new era of sound money and hard assets. Since the creation of money, gold and silver  have been a long-term “store of value” and Central Metals Corp., has made it easier and safer than ever to own precious metals investments. Since 2010 we have specialized in international logistics and vault storage solutions. Owning gold and silver bullion can provide the “peace of mind” that you’re  looking for. Gold’s 5,000 year history as sound money is unmatched in world markets and it has out lasted every paper currency throughout history, and it will out last every cryptocurrency as well.

Central Metals Corp., is a privately held Canadian corporation with an international network of clients and resources. We were founded on the principles of trust and integrity to help our clients gain “Peace of Mind” over their investments. Our focus is to provide our clients with the most secure and cost effective solution to owning precious metals. We have partnered with some of the largest dealers and refiners in the world which allows us to provide the best possible products and services in the industry.

Our focus is on “wealth protection, risk management and security logistics” to serve our clients around the world. Whether you’re a private individual, pension fund, hedge fund or international corporation we have the infrastructure in place to handle all your precious metals needs.

Our Team

Bosko Kacarevic

President/CEO:  With 22 years experience as an entrepreneur in Canada and the USA, Bosko founded Central Metals Corp., in 2010 to provide international precious metals logistics and vault storage solutions to the world. Bosko holds financial licenses in commodity derivatives, stocks, mutual funds and private equity, he is also the CEO and Chief Compliance Officer of Kindigo Capital Ltd., an Exempt Market Dealer regulated by the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC).

Sandra Kacarevic

Administrative/Marketing:  With over 10 years marketing experience in Europe, both in retail and online, Sandra brings creative solutions to our advertising and marketing department. Sandra also ensures our efficient transaction processes and account settlement procedures. Sandra’s contribution to the organization of our company and marketing creativity is greatly appreciated.

Paul Campeau

Senior Account Manager:  With a B. Comm Degree from Bishops University in Quebec, Paul has over 27 years experience in the hi-tech industry selling semi-conductors and electronic components to global manufacturers like Motorola, Research in Motion (Blackberry), AMD, General Motors and many more. Paul’s passion for precious metals began in 2009 when he started doing in-depth research into the workings of the precious metals industry. After retiring from electronics in 2013, Paul joined Central Metals Corp., to bring his experience and skills to the market and help clients gain a deeper understanding of investing in precious metals.

Prof. Jeff Dunphy

Senior Economic Advisor:  With over 30 years in finance and economics, Jeff managed a $75 Billion portfolio for one of Wall Street’s major investment banking houses, he’s a former professor at University of Calgary, and he provided investment banking and financing for the mining industry for over 25 years. Jeff’s extensive experience in capital markets and personal knowledge are a highly valued contribution to our team and we are always grateful for his generosity and wisdom. Jeff is continually expanding his horizons and years ago entered a higher realm of reality – where he delves into the esoteric; combining the metaphysical with current events. Visit www.retooling.org


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