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A Simple Way to Diversify With Precious Metals and Private Equity

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CAPmatix Account

The CAPmatix Account allows for long-term storage and trading of your physical precious metals worldwide, fully insured, allocated and segregated; along with third party private equity issues.

The CAPmatix Platform

An “old school” voice operated brokerage with a technically advanced software platform. Talk to a live broker and trade “physical” precious metals safely and securely with our one-of-a-kind asset management system. Benefit from the liquidity of our $10 Billion plus trading partners on a software platform without the risk of computer hackers or leveraged contracts.

The CAPmatix platform is second to none in the industry and our global network of partners allows for international ownership of precious metals. It’s a world class service in a boutique style atmosphere.

Institutional or Private Investors Welcome

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Since 2010 we have been on the leading edge of vault storage and logistics solutions. We’ve partnered with international security firms approved by the COMEX and LBMA warehouses, to bring our clients the most technically advanced vault storage solutions in the world today.

Vault Storage Locations:

Canada, USA, Switzerland, UK, Singapore, Honk Kong, Spain, Germany, Australia and more…

Vault rooms

Vault Room Singapore Freeport Changi Airport